Riverfest 2018 - Kayaking, SUP'ing & Boat Tours 

As part of Riverfest 2018, Nevsail Watersports and Rock Climbing is offering KAYAKING, STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING & BOAT TOURS as well as ZORBING on Friday the 4th of May from 9 am and an evening session from 9 pm, on Saturday the 5 th of May from 9:30 am and again on Saturday Night from 9 pm, where you can watch and enjoy the fireworks display on board our kayaks or boat on our Limerick Night Tours. We will be running more adventures again on Sunday the 6 th of May from 10 am, all running from the Hunt Museum.
Our LIMERICK KAYAKING sessions are very safe and fun kayaking sessions, with kayak skills, kayaking games and fun facts/history about Limerick all included!
Anyone can take part from the age of 5+ years and no previous kayaking skills or knowledge is needed, (beginners to advance all welcome).
We have single, 2 seater and 3 seater kayaks available, so if anyone is a little nervous they can share a kayak and we operate when conditions are calm and easy for all to enjoy.

We will also be running our LIMERICK STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING Sessions and BOAT TOURS from the Hunt Museum, for lots more fun and exciting adventures such as ZORBING, keeping all very well entertained and active on the water during this fantastic weekend.


Nevsail will be hosting our kayaking competition "War on the Weir,” which will allow spectators to enjoy some free style kayaking and kayaking over Limerick's Weir, whilst being judged on scores.




For more info or enquiries please click here and we will get back to you.

E-mail: info@nevsailwatersports.com or Phone: 086 3308236 and we will organize the perfect day out for you