Product Details

Roberto Ricci Designs (RRD) are proud to introduce the 'Stand Up Eleven' as part of their YEAR 14 '09 collection. They have tried and tested many styles of current stand up paddleboard and listened to feedback from our riders, customers and importers worldwide and came up with a real all round SUP. Many brands have started to make SUP boards already, but this 11" represents the latest development in SUP designs and draws strongly from RRD's established of making and selling slick surfboards. 

The Stand up Eleven is easy to paddle and the right board for everyone willing to start to SUP and wishing to move forward in it. The board also offers a cross over into windsurfing as we want to stay true to our routes and give users more options to have fun on the water!


  • A thin volume profile and a generous rocker in combination with a wide outline. This generates huge stability for newcomers and choppier or tougher conditions, but once used in the waves, the board becomes a real waverider thanks to its rocker!

  • Equipped with a middle handle to make it easy to carry the board

  • This board opening for the handle has been extended to include a middle mast box in order to convert the SUP into a very efficient and fun sailboard. Great for light wind days in flat water or small waves, sail out and ride in and move up down the board, awesome fun in 5 - 10knots!

  • Full EVA deck throughout so as to cushion the bumps should you fall, give you excellent non-slip, make it family friendly and stop those embarrassing slips off the board where the non-slip runs out.

The Stand Up ELEVEN is 11' long X 31" wide X 4 1/2" thick and is therefore easy to handle in carrying, getting onto car roofs and in the back of vans.
It has a main single dolphin fin and 2 x side mini tuttle 9 cm fins
Technology: EPS/ HD Glass/  Wood sandwich skin on stepping area with a combination of Glass fibers laminated in a Single Shot moulding process.  Deck is covered with Softskin TM

"Walking on water"