Product Details

What is included in the Package:

  • Single seater Velocity Kayak RRP €450
  • Kayak Paddle RRP €45
  • Adjustable backrest €20
  • Delivery (worth €30)
  • PLUS Advice before purchase from Kayak instructors who use these kayaks day in day out in our centre

Total cost of Package is €545 so you save an incredible €95 on this deal steal!


Velocity Kayak

The Velocity is the ultimate versatility kayak.

It was designed to be used in every possible situation, from surfing the break on your local beach to sauntering down your local river. It is the most popular kayak that we sell in Nevsail and if you have been to our centre, you will see this kayak is very popular with everyone!

Add in knee braces and you can up the anti to take on white water, the world over. Due the robust nature of this kayak your adventure is limited only by your imagination.

It is a fundamental part of your entry in to the boundless world of kayaking.