Kayaking Clare, Kayaking in Clare, Clare Kayaking with Nevsail

At Nevsail Watersporta we run our Kayaking Clare Tours and Lessons from Kilkee Beach in Co.Clare. Kayaking in Clare

At Nevsail Watersports we run our Clare Kayaking Tours and Lessons from Kilkee Beach.


Clare Kayaking - Catering to your sense of Adventure



What can you expect whilst Kayaking in Clare with us?


  • Our Clare Kayaking Tours and Trips involves plenty of sightseeing -

The Clare Kayaking tours which we conduct will allow you to do a great amount of sightseeing. We even give you the opportunity to explore caves and coves, kayak around inlets, headlands and cliffs around Kilkee Bay. Whether you come alone, with family or a group outing, this is an activity which you just cannot afford to miss out on.

  • Lessons that will give you an adrenaline rush like no other -

Kayaking in Clare with us is something that is guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. Individuals, who have come here, say that they cannot sum up their Kayaking Clare experience into words.Our Kayaking Clare Tours and Lessons are suitable for beginners to the most experienced kayakers and you will learn lots of new skills, whilst enjoying an adventure at the same time. So whether you opt for our one of a kind lessons or tours, you will surely be in for a great time and learn plenty of kayaking skills and even be awarded a Kayaking Cert.

  • Simply top notch facilities

All individuals that have availed of our services would know just how reliable our brand is. All of our employees at Nevsail Watersports have the highest regard for the clients. Once you place your trust in us we will never let you down, whether it be Kayaking in Clare or trying out any of our other adventure sports activities and services.

  • Memories to last you a lifetime -

When you come to us, it doesn’t matter whether you have tried your hand at Kayaking before or not. Based on your skill and level of expertise, we will draw up a lesson that is just right for you. Our chief aim is to ensure that you can look forward a great time so that you are able to create some fabulous memories.

Life is all about making each moment count and having a great time, so what better way to pass your days, than by indulging in some Kayaking Clare tours and lessons! Be assured that the high you will experience while kayaking in Clare with us, is a feeling which will remain with you for many years to come.   

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Try out our Kayaking & Coasteering Packages:

Coasteering has become the newest adventure sport to become extremely popular in Europe and is increasingly popular in Kilkee Co Clare along the Wild Atlantic Way which involves adventure swimming, exploring gullies, caves, cracks and different rock formations created by the raw force of the Wild Atlantic and then jumping off things from a height that is suitable to you.

  Coasteering - things to do in Clare, Coasteering Ireland   

Here at Nevsail Watersports we have put together a Kayaking/Coasteering package and a Snorkling/Coasteering packages.

We kayak or swim to these amazing areas and get to try some awesome Coasteering and brave the "washing machine" in Kilkee, where the raw force of the Atlantic will certainly get your adrenaline racing.

 Coasteering - things to do in Clare, Coasteering Ireland


  • COST: 1.5 Hr Kayaking Clare Tours and Lessons from Kilkee from €25pp


  • COST: 2.5 Hr Kayaking Clare Tours and Kayak Lessons from Kilkee from €35pp





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