Coasteering -  things to do in Clare,


Coasteering - No 1 best things to do in Clare

Coasteering has become the newest adventure sport to become extremely popular in Europe and is increasingly popular in Kilkee Co Clare along the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland. 

Coasteering is an adventure activity with climbing, jumping, swimming and exploring in and around rock pools, cliffs, cave and coves for all to experience and enjoy.

Coasteering has been voted one of the best things to do in Clare and predominately involves adventure swimming, exploring gullies, caves, cracks and different rock formations created by the raw force of the Wild Atlantic Way and then jumping off things from a height that is suitable to you.

  Coasteering - things to do in Clare, Coasteering Ireland 

Experience Coasteering Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way, exploring the many caves, inlets and coves in Kilkee, Co.Clare 

Here at Nevsail Watersports we have put together a Kayaking/Coasteering package and a Snorkling/Coasteering packages.

We can kayak or swim to these amazing areas and do some Coasteering to get peoples adrenaline racing.

Then brave the "washing machine" in Kilkee, where the raw force of the Atlantic will have you believing that is exactly where you are.  

lots of fun in tuckers hole in kilkee bay  

Wetsuits, Buoyancy Aid, Helmet and suitable footwear are required.

Coasteering Ireland - take an adventure that you will never forget. 

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Coasteering - Voted one of the best things to do in Clare



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